BLACK BELT TEST A black belt test is held once a year at GymFit. Shihan Carlos De La Cruz and his teacher Soki Craig Seavey conduct the test. Family and friends are not permitted to attend the test but are invited to watch the promotion ceremony and join the celebration. The prep clinic and test fee is $450.00.
RANK PROMOTION TEST Tests and promotions for ranks below black belt are usually held in December, March and June. Written invitations will be given to eligible students one week before the test date. Family members are invited to attend the test and promotion. *Please note: Test dates are subject to change. The fee for the test is $35 payable to GymFit before the day of the test.
TEST FOR TINY TIGERS and LITTLE DRAGONS A test and promotion ceremony for Tiny Tigers (3 to 5 years) and Little Dragons (5 to 7 years) is usually scheduled for Saturday afternoons. Family members are invited to attend. All children are evaluated in class a few weeks before the test and invitations are emailed to the family. The fee for the test and promotion is $35 payable to GymFit before the day of the test.
Note: Notices are emailed to all eligible students for all tests one week prior to their test date.


MASTER TEACHER.....Professor Carlos De La Cruz

The GymFit Karate program is taught by Professor Carlos De La Cruz, a master teacher specializing in Cerio's Kenpo Karate. Prof. Carlos holds a 6th degree black belt (Shihan) in Kenpo Karate. He also holds a 7th Dan in Kuntao Jiujitsu, 7th Dan in Ree System Te and a 1st Dan in Tae Kwon Do and Shindo Ryu. Mr De La Cruz has earned Instructor of the year awards from the United States and World Martial Arts Hall of Fame. In 2010 he received a Martial Arts Ambassador award from Action magazine and in 2011 received a Life Time Achievement Honor Award from the World Martial Arts Union.
Professor Carlos teaches all the karate and jiu-jitsu classes and camps at GymFit.


GymFit gives students who have earned their black belt the opportunity to develop leadership skills by volunteering to assist Professor Carlos with the beginner and intermediate classes.


• Shoes should be removed and placed on shelves, not on the floor, before entering the dojo.
• Students should be barefoot in class.
• All jewelry should be removed before class. Watches may be worn on the belt.
• Gum chewing is not allowed during class
• Bow to show respect when entering and leaving the dojo.
• Bow to practice partner before and after performing techniques.
• Sparring is prohibited without the supervision of a black belt.
• Protective gear (helmet and gloves) must be worn by all students participating in kumite (sparring). In addition, a protective cup should be worn by all male high ranking students
• Children under 12 years must remain in the building after class until an adult enters to pick them up
• Parents and older siblings of students may sit quietly in the dojo to watch their child.
• Spectators are asked to refrain from coaching and signaling to students during class.
• Young Children under 3 years old must remain in the waiting room or play room with an adult during class.
• Gymnastic equipment may not be used before, during or after class without permission from a GymFit staff member.


A gi must be worn in class by all students except those attending their first session. A traditional white gi should be worn by all ranks up to blue belt. Blue belts and higher may wear black gis. Black belts may wear any color.